Universal Control of Tightening and Loosening with the Multi-channel Function!

Handheld Nutrunner(Handy 2000 Lite plus)
Auto Parts Manufacturing


  • Accurate loosening function
  • Courteous customer service
  • Torque control

Before Using ESTIC

  • Having trouble not being able to manage the loosening by reverse rotation when verifying the torque after tightening.
  • Want to loosen at a certain angle when reverse rotation.
  • Want to easily perform a series of tightening and loosening operations.


Manage loosening with the multi-channel function of the handheld nutrunner!

  • Accuracy of tightening torque can be guaranteed.
  • Using the multi-channel function, it is possible to perform a series of operations for tightening and loosening at a certain angle.

  • It is an image of performing a series of tightening and loosening operations using the "multi-channel function".

Customer's Notes

  • ESTIC took care of our requests for torque management in the past too.
  • This time, our request was more than the torque management. We were having trouble not being able to manage the loosening in reverse, so they saved us.

Designer's Notes

Reduced workload for operator and eliminated human error with multi-channel!

ESTIC's handheld nutrunner has a function to register multiple tasks such as tightening and loosening in one multi-channel. This function eliminates the need for complicated channel switching. It reduces the workload of operators and helps prevent human error.
We actually brought a demo unit to the field and tested how many degrees we should loosen the bolt.

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