Robotic Tightening Cartesian Robot

The ERS Cartesian robot is a trusted industry staple with a streamlined modular selection process. This compact system can utilize multiple spindles to quickly fasten without collision.

Easy modular order system

With ESTIC's streamlined modular order system personalized modifications are standardized. Select by desired model, tightening torque, and surface height.

We package nutrunners, Cartesian robots, and various parts.

Three models

Three models are available: full-spec, standard, and entry-level.

Save time and manpower with our full-spec model that features an automatic feeder and the latest socket change mechanism.
Our standard features....
Save space and savings with our entry model and a model that meets the requirements and conditions of the customer.

It is parts list include the number of axes of nutrunner and Cartesian robot installed in the three models.


Latest Socket Change Mechanism

The latest socket change mechanism is available that can greatly reduce the cycle time of socket replacement by using the karakuri mechanism.
(*Patent pending)

This is an image of the latest socket change developed by Estic.

Reduce labor with an automatic feeder

Using an automatic feeder reduces the labor necessary. Our bundled automatic feeder and nutrunners are safe and easy. Additionally, our narrow compact design detetcts differences in bolt lengths.

This is an image of the automatic feeder installed in the full spec model.

Pre-Tightening Tests

Per customer request, ESTIC can perform pre-fastening tests using the customer's nutrunner robot and screws. We will return the inspection results for tightening accuracy, tightening times, and other pertinent information. ESTIC allows for a smooth and easy startup.

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