Automated Machine


1. Automatic Assembly Equipment Made By Industry Professionals

ESTIC manufactures automated assembly equipment. We are professionals that specialize in high-precision fastening. We apply our expertise to propose systems that meet the needs of our customers.

2. ESTIC's automated assembly equipment solves work site problems.

There are many challenges on the work site.
We work with our customers to solve issues through investigation, analysis, and proposing the most suitable equipment or unit.
Our automated assembly equipment can increase productivity and shorten cycle time.
please contact us if you want to improve your assembly process.

3. Many Repeat Customers

Customers who purchase our equipment keep choosing ESTIC.
We pride ourselves in responding to each customer's requests in every step from initial consultation to production after sales support.

4. Extensive Pre-installation Testing

When requested, we can thorougly test every system on the actual workpiece and verify various factors such as possibel interference and cycle time.
By removing risk involved when manufacturing, start up is easy and smooth.

5. No project is too small or too large

From a single fastening unit to large scale systems, ESTIC can get the job done. We consider needs such as budget, deadline, easy setup, and future full automation.

6. Standardized Multi-Purpose Machine Systems

Reduce cost and shorten delivery times with our standardized equipment. Simply select the desired model, tightening torque, and height of the transport surface.


Body Equipment

Front Suspension Frame Tightening Machine

Fully automated tightening of the front suspension frame
The machine detects a vehicle with a pre-tightened suspension frame entering the pitch and moves in sync with the line while fastening. After tightening, the machine returns to wait for the next vehicle.

Front Strut Asssembly Machine

A device that assembles and tightens mounting blocks, front struts and coil springs.
A servo presses the coil spring while the strut is fastened in place. Our electric servo presses can support a wide variety of strut lengths.

Transmission Equipment

Oil Pan Fastening Machine

Oil Pan Installation Bolt Fastening Equipment
Bolts are supplied by an automatic bolt feeder. The machine is positioned manually and then tightened automatically.

Side Cover Fastening Machine

Side Cover Bolt Fastening
The machine automatically loads a supply tray, picks up the bolts with magnetic sockets, and then moves to a fastening position to complete the operation.

Engine Equipment

Cam Cap Fastening Machine

Cam Cap Pressing and Fastening
This machine will perform cam caps fastening. The cam cap and bolt is set at the previous station and transferred to this machine by a conveyor. After being positioned, the cam caps will be tightened by two spindles simultaneously.

Bearing Cap Pressing and Fastening Machine

Cylinder Block Bearing Cap Bolt Fastening
This machine will perform pressing and fastening for the bearing cap. The bearing cap and bolt is set at the previous station. After being pressed, the bearing cap will be fastened with a multi-splindle.