Since our founding, we have worked closely with the work site
and continuously focused on both high-precision fastening and press technology.
Estic's products have been chosen by many. Here's five reason's why.

01Complete Assembly Solution

Not only do we sell screw fastening products, we offer various custom solutions including robots and automatic assembly equipment. We offer flexible solutions according to the customer's needs.

02World-class Accuracy and

We are passionate about our high-precision technology.
Throughout various manufacturing industries our high-performing products have been highly sought after.

Ergonomic Technology

Our patented "Estic Pulse" technology reduces the reaction force when fastening to a minimum and promotes safety. Our ergonomic technology reduces the risk of workplace injury. Repetitive strain and other time-correlated injuries can be prevented by using Estic.

04Flexible Custom Support

Our products can be customized to solve your problems. We listen to your requests, consider countermeasures, and then offer optimal solutions. We achieve safety and security while meeting your individual needs.

05Our Dedicated
Support Team

We guide our customers through our product lineup and provide them with personalized technical support. If a problem arises, we respond quickly whether on-site or remotely. Additionally, we provide continuous support and training after installation.