Custom-made Solutions


1. Custom equipment specialized for each job

Depending on the conditions and circumstances at the work site, there may be issues that cannot be handled with standard products. Estic can create custom equipment that responds to customer needs. please contact us if you have any requests for custom products.

2. Ideas based on a history of experiences and customer satisfaction

Estic has an extensive track record of making custom products. For example, a flush socket or crowfoot can be used to fit our standard toolhead in a tight space. We will create the best tool for the job with our knowledge and experience.

3. Flexible network and software modifications

Often while introducing new tools onto a site, a communication protocol is needed that is not currently supported. Thus, in addition to customizing tools, we also customize software according to your requests. ESTIC works to quickly support new networks and customer needs.

Our Process

ESTIC support continues after delivery regardless of the product. We remain in contact to ensure optimum operation.

Custom Applications

Handheld Nutrunner

  • Open End

  • Crowfoot Gear

  • Flush Socket

  • Closed End

  • Multiplier Unit

  • Reaction Bar Unit

  • Trombone