Corporate Governance

Basic approach

As we fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, we aim to realize mutual prosperity by living up to the trust and expectations of all stakeholders, including shareholders, consumers, suppliers, and employees. To this end, we recognize that enhancing and strengthening corporate governance is a key management issue.
We will develop the organizational structure of management and implement necessary measures to ensure transparency and fairness in management and respond swiftly and precisely to changes in the business environment.

Governance framework

We have established an Audit and Supervisory Committee. The three Audit and Supervisory Committee members (two of whom are outside Audit and Supervisory Committee members) provide strict monitoring of the directors.
In addition, to improve management efficiency and for the efficient and nimble execution of duties, the Executive Management Meeting, composed of executive members from each division and the directors, is held monthly, in principle.
Furthermore, as part of efforts to strengthen the internal control system to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting, we have also strengthened the framework’s functions by establishing the Internal Audit Office.

ESTIC’s corporate governance framework

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