Robotic Tightening Cobot Solution

Collaborative robots do not require safety fences and can share a workspace with humans. By combining ESTIC's nutrunner and collaborative robot, tightening process can be easily automated with minimum footprint.

Collaboration #1: Universal Robots

High-torque Cobot tightening

High-Torque Cobot tightening up to 140 N・m ! (103 ft. lbs).
This solution is made possible by combining UR's Cobot with ESTIC's patented pulse technology, which significantly reduces torque reaction.
This solution enables users to automate tightening process while utilizing many features of the ESTIC nutrunner, such as cross-thread detection, torque traceability, etc. A Bolt feeder is also compatible with the system.

UR+ certified

ESTIC's nutrunner is a certified UR peripheral or UR + (plus) product that can be used with Universal Robots.
ESTIC URCap application for operating UR robots enables intuitive robot programming for tightening joints.

・Wide torque range
  Applicable for tightinening process from 0.1N・m (0.88 in.lbs) to 140 N・m (103 ft.lbs)
・Easy robot programming
  ESTIC URcaps enables users to program Cobot in minutes!
・Customizable tightening strategies.
  Tightening strategies such as Torque-Control, Angle Monitor, and Multi-Stage tightening.
  Detect defects such as missing parts, cross-thread, and re-hit.
・Up to 250 individual torque programs.
  250 torque programs ready to be assigned to individual bolts allowing a highly customizable tightening recipe.
・Torque traceability
  Every tightening data such as torque, angle, and serial number can be output to an upper-level system to ensure
  100% traceability.
・Bolt-feeder compatible
  Integrate a 3rd party Bolt feeder into Estic High-Torque system using discrete IO and configure using Estic URcaps.

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