Health and Productivity Management

Setting a goal as an environment in which people and the organization can work healthily and vigorously, we are promoting health and productivity management to create an environment in which every employee is physically and mentally healthy and can demonstrate their abilities and individuality in a rewarding and satisfying way.

Statement on health and productivity management

Based on our belief that employees are our most important asset and the idea that an environment in which employees are healthy in body and mind and can work in a rewarding and vigorous way is the source of corporate growth, we take the health and safety of employees and their families seriously and proactively providing support in these areas.

Health and Productivity Management Promotion Framework

We will promote health and productivity management with the company president as the officer responsible for health and productivity management, and we will partner with industrial physicians, industrial health nurses, and the Health Insurance Association.

Efforts for health and productivity management

Efforts to promote health

Health checkups

We ensure that 100% of employees undergo regular health checkups and that follow-ups are provided for those with pertinent findings.

Nutritionally balanced lunches

At employee cafeterias, we work with a dietitian to help employees maintain their health and work vigorously. We offer various menus that satisfy tastes, nutrition, and preferences. We also play music to reduce stress, and a comfortable lunch break is provided with a particular focus on the green coverage rate.

Nutritionally balanced lunches

Headquarters cafeteria

Technology Development Center cafeteria

Providing information to increase health literacy (sent once weekly)

We provide trivia about the mind and body, such as how to prevent eye strain, meals appropriate for each season, and how to enhance work engagement, which contributes to health literacy.

Cultivating exercise habits

Performing radio exercises helps improve base metabolism, prevents neck and shoulder stiffness and back pain by promoting blood circulation, and burns fat by improving the metabolism.

Strengthening partnerships with industrial physicians and industrial health nurses

Mental health care

Stress checks

We encourage employees with high stress levels to meet with industrial physicians and industrial health nurses to provide early-stage mental health care.

“Kokoro” consultation desk

We have established a health consultation desk staffed by industrial health nurses for the purpose of providing support related to employees’ mental and physical health.

Harassment consultation desk

In addition to establishing the Regulations for the Operation of the Whistleblowing System and establishing whistleblowing hotlines for reporting harassment and violations of laws and regulations, we have formulated the Guidelines for the Prevention of Harassment, and have established a workflow for responding to harassment in an effort to detect and rectify any cases of harassment at an early stage.

Health and productivity management KPIs

Issue Target Results Results
2024 target FY2023 FY2022
Ratio of health checkups performed 100% 100% 100%
Ratio of stress checks performed 100% 100% 98%
Ratio of employees with high stress levels 10% or less 14.1% 12.8%
Ratio of smokers 12% or less 29.5% 29.4%

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