Detect Rehit with a Handheld Nutrunner that can Monitor the Angle

Handheld Nutrunner (Handy 2000 Lite plus)
Auto Parts Manufacturing


  • Detect rehit by angle monitor
  • Count "OK" bolts to prevent missing bolt
  • Switch to Handheld Nutrunner from Electronic Screwdriver

Before Using ESTIC

  • Used an electronic screwdriver while counting the bolts without traceability.
  • Rehit and other tightening failures happened very frequently.
  • Considered shifting to Handheld Nutrunners to improve the quality of tightening.
  • Proffered using inline tools to duplicate the current operation with existing tools.
  • Detect rehit (*rehit or double hit is a tightening failure caused by tightening the same part multiple times, which ends up with leaving other bolts untightened. This cannot be detected just by torque control but needs angle and/or time monitor.)
  • Monitor the number of bolts tightened for error-proofing.
  • Improve the tightening quality.


Solved with a Handheld Nutrunner that can manage the angle and time!

  • Angle control was performed with ESTIC Handheld Nutrunner.
  • Rehit can be detected by managing the angle and time monitor.
  • When a part that has already been tightened is tightened again, the "seat torque" is reached immediately after the tightening starts. If the angle and time during tightening are monitored, ESTIC Handheld Nutrunners identify that "the angle (and/or time) to reach the seating torque was too early" and judge as Rehit.
  • "Pokayoke Count function" was used to manage the number of OK tightening.

Customer's Notes

  • It was very nice that a ESTIC inline tool was similar to the workability of an old electric screwdriver and the size was compact too.
  • We are able to detect rehit and prevent missing bolts.
  • Switching to the Handheld Nutrunner has increased tightening accuracy and improved tightening quality.

Designer's Notes

Reduce the risk of missing a bolt or rehit

When tightening multiple locations manually, there is a risk of forgetting to tighten or rehit.
ESTIC Handheld Nutrunners are equipped with a ""Pokayoke Count function"" that prevents missing bolts by counting the number of OKs. However, if you count only the number of OKs, there is a risk that rehit will be counted as OKs. Therefore, in this case, the angle control is also performed as well as as counting the number of OKs.
Please contact us if you wish to prevent missing a bolt or rehit. We can also bring a demo system based on the information such as target torque and the number of bolts in advance.

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