Handheld Nutrunner Corded Tools

These handheld tools are ideal for tightening critical parts that require high accuracy and mobility. They support pulse tightening with low reaction force and direct tightening with high accuracy. Various types of data are recorded to provide reliable traceability.


Feature 1 Pulse technology to reduce reaction force

Eliminate Torque Reaction Devices

Thanks to ESTIC’s patented motor control system, our pulse fastening technology has achieved an unprecedented reduction in reaction forces.
What’s more, the tool’s ergonomic design and advanced pulse fastening technology allow for single-handed operation in certain situations, dramatically reducing the strain placed on the operator.

01 Pulse Fastening
By tightening using intermittent impact force like hitting with a hammer, users receive little reaction force.

02 Direct Fastening
Tightening by continuous motion, users receive a large reaction force.

Feature 2 Wide range to choose from

Whether for engines, transmissions, or EV batteries, our high-speed, high-precision direct fastening technology provides reliable traceability and steadfast support for those critical parts and components that demand optimal accuracy and repeatability. Combine with a tracer arm for a user-friendly fastening setup with no reaction force. Use a direct-only tool to execute high-torque fastening where pulse technology cannot be used.

Feature 3 Robot synchronicity

ESTIC's new robot system is compatable with our trusted handheld tools. The nutrunner and robot are integrated, which greatly reduces programming required during setup.

Tool Unit

Accessories / Optional Products

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