Privacy Policy

1. Scope of application

This applies only to personal information collected from users of this website within this website, and regarding the protection of personal information on other websites linked to this website. , Estic is not responsible.

2. Personal Information

Personal information on this website means personally identifiable information such as the following examples.

  • Name, date of birth, gender, occupation, phone number, address, email address, etc.
  • Information that can be compared with other information to identify a specific individual

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information, provision to a third party

Estic may ask you to provide personal information to the extent necessary when you request materials or make inquiries to us.
The personal information you receive will be used for the following purposes.

In order to respond to inquiries from users (our products / services and related information, etc.), information on business improvement for users and introduction of our products centered on new products.

To third parties We will not disclose or provide your personal information except in the following cases.

  • When disclosure by our company or disclosure to affiliated companies or dealers is required in order to respond appropriately to inquiries
  • When disclosure is required to a business consignee or business partner who has a confidentiality agreement within the scope of the purpose of use
  • When required by law, etc.

4. Request for disclosure of personal information or request for complaint

If the user requests confirmation, correction, deletion, or addition of the user's personal information managed by Estic, we will take appropriate measures after confirming that you are the user.

5. Other important matters

The handling of personal information on this page may be revised as appropriate.

6. Contact information

Contact for inquiries about the handling of personal information
Contact us at:
1-2-16, Togodori, Moriguchi-city, Osaka, 570-0041 Japan
or via this online form.

7. About access logs

This website records the information of the person who accessed it as an access log for maintenance management, troubleshooting and statistical analysis of usage status.
This includes domain name, IP address, browser type, access date and time, etc. We will not use it in connection with personal information or identify individuals except when investigating the cause of failure or investigating for improvement of this website.

8. About SSL

This website has introduced SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an encryption technology, on the page for entering personal information so that customers can enter personal information with peace of mind.
With SSL, the input data flows through the network from the computer you are using to the computer you are registering with.

9. About cookies

To make it more convenient for you to browse our website when you visit our website again, etc."We may send data called cookies that identify your computer and record it on your hard disk.
This website may use the cookie mechanism to save you the trouble of entering each time, or to collect historical information of pages visited by you.
Cookies do not collect your personal information. You can also refuse to accept cookies. In this case, some services provided by this website may not be available.

10. About Google Analytics

This website uses the services provided by Google Analytics to keep track of usage.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data without containing any personally identifiable information. The data collected by using Google Analytics is managed based on Google's privacy policy.

See below for the Google Privacy Policy.
Google privacy policy