Handheld Nutrunner Cordless Tools

The ESTIC cordless series tools communicate wirelessly with the controller. Cordless tools allow workers to easily move. These are ideal for tightening work inside vehicles and cramped spaces.


Feature 1 Improved Workability without Wires

ESTIC cordless tools feature high accuracy and traceability. Ideal for tightening work in narrow and congested workspaces. There is no risk of cable damage to the product.

This is an image of  tightening with a cordless handheld nutrunner. High operator maneuverability without cables.

Feature 2 Pulse Technology

Cordless nut runners are equipped with ESTIC's patented pulse tightening technology, so work can be done with minimal reaction to the operator. The ESTIC cordless tools can fasten up to 100N・m.

01 Pulse Fastening
By tightening using intermittent impact force like hitting with a hammer, users receive little reaction force.

02 Direct Fastening
Tightening by continuous motion, users receive a large reaction force.

This is an image showing the difference in reaction force betweenpulse fastening and direct fastening.

Tool Unit

Accessories / Optional Products

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