Reduce the Burden on Workers

Handheld Nutrunner (Handy 2000 Lite plus)
Automobile Industry


  • ESTIC PULSE reduces reaction force
  • Peace of mind with prior network connection verification
  • Thorough after-sales support

Before Using ESTIC

  • The handheld nutrunner currently in use requires a reaction force receiver.
  • The ones I use are expensive, so I want to reduce the cost if I buy a new one.
  • A reaction force receiving unit is required on the equipment side.
  • I'm worried if I can switch to another company's product and use it well.


Solved with ESTIC PULSE of "Handy 2000 Lite plus"!

  • By using the handheld nutrunner equipped with ESTIC PULSE, it is possible to tighten without receiving reaction force.
  • By eliminating the reaction force receiver, the manufacturing process has become simpler.
  • The management software was also easy to use and easy to operate.
  • Tightening is performed by giving a blow due to intermittent movement.
  • Reduces the reaction force received by the operator.

Customer's Notes

  • By introducing a handheld nutrunner equipped with ESTIC PULSE, it is possible to tighten the workpiece without receiving reaction force. The manufacturing process has been simplified because there is no reaction force.
  • The management software supports multiple languages, and it was easy to understand visually and operate. The setting values were simple and easy to enter.

Designer's Notes

Reduce the reaction force with ESTIC PULSE!

We had you evaluate our pulse tightening technology, ESTIC PULSE, which realizes low reaction force. In addition, the ease with which setting values were created also led to further evaluation.
Before the introduction, the technical team verified the network connection, and after the introduction, the after-sales support team followed up on the operation of the equipment and software.
ESTIC has a technical unit, a support unit, and a maintenance unit in-house, so it is possible to respond quickly in various situations.

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