Human Error Prevention with Tracer Arm

Handheld Nutrunner (Handy 2000 Lite plus)
Tracer Arm
Auto Parts Manufacturing


  • Ensuring traceability
  • Diagonal tightening measures
  • Improvement of tightening quality

Before Using ESTIC

  • With the shift from consumer products to the production of in-vehicle parts, there are many requests for quality from automobile manufacturers.
  • Ensuring traceability
  • Achievement of high tightening quality that meets the demands of automobile manufacturers
  • Noise countermeasures etc.


Tightening quality is improved with a Handheld Nutrunner and Tracer Arm!

  • Data management (not only the tightening result but also the tightening location could be saved as data)
  • Significant reduction in the number of diagonal tightening problems using the Tracer Arm
  • Improvement of tightening quality by error detection

The tracer arm detects the position of the tool and prevents tightening errors.

  • Please check the details of the Tracer Arm in this video.

Customer's Notes

  • Good response was please with technology corresponding to various requests from car manufacturers.
  • I was happy with the idea of standardization, not special, such as communication with higher ranks and control specifications.

Designer's Notes

Tightening quality is improved with a Handheld Nutrunner and Tracer Arm!

ESTIC has long provided high quality tightening to the automotive industry. Loose screws are life-threatening in the automotive industry.
For this reason, we have focused on torque management and ensuring traceability, as well as preventing improper tightening.
I was very happy to use the quality control know-how cultivated there to help our customers.

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