Simple Screw Tightening System Using a SCARA Robot

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Electronics Industry


  • To introduce Nutrunner for the first time
  • Construction by screw tightening robot
  • PLC not required

Before Using ESTIC

  • The operator is tightening the bolts with an electric screwdriver.
  • No particular emphasis was placed on ensuring tightening accuracy or traceability.
  • According to the end user's request, it became necessary to consider (1)tightening without variation by operators, and (2)tightening that can monitor not only the torque, but also the rotation angle.


Achieve a simple construction with a SCARA robot!

  • Introduced a screw tightening robot of Nutrunner + SCARA robot that can be built without PLC.
  • The screw tightening robot by SCARA is a very simple system, and it is easy to build and use even for the customers who has never used Nutrunner before.
  • Delivery is possible at low cost and with a short lead time.
  • This is a system that can respond to detailed requests such as "does not damage the board-mounted products", "starts after reading the barcode" or etc.

Nutrunner controls the robot and can be built without PLC.

  • Please check the actual movement in the introduction video of SCARA robot.

Customer's Notes

  • The equipment had to be simple, inexpensive and free from damaging board-mounted components. We also wanted to manage the tightening data in association with the product serial, and requested short delivery time since there was not much time before the prototype production started.
  • Based on those requests, Estic has proposed us the screw tightening system using a SCARA robot that can be used without PLC.

Designer's Notes

Don't worry to use Nutrunner even it's for the first time!

Since it was the first time to introduce our Nutrunner to this customer, the theme was "to building a simple system".
Therefore, we have proposed a system using a SCARA robot. Another advantage of this system is that it can be delivered in a short lead time.
The Nutrunner is a very versatile tightening tool and due to its versatility, some may find it difficult to use it for the very first time. Therefore, if you will use Nutrunner for the first time, we are happy to teach you about the outline and how to operate it. Companies that use electric screwdrivers for tightening are increasing considering the introduction of Nutrunners at the request of end users.
If you need to secure advanced tightening technology or traceability for various reasons such as changing times or challenging new industries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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