Robotic Tightening Scara Robot

ERS series SCARA robots (horizontal articulated robots). Unlike the general screw-tightening robot of PLC control, the Nutrunner controls the robot to reduce the cycle time and enable centralized management of the system.

Nutrunner controls the robot

The nutrunner controls the robot, enabling cycle time reduction and centralized management of the system. When constructing the system, the robot, nut runner, and automatic feeder must be selected and examined separately. The ERS series of SCARA robots only selects the system and nut runner, which greatly reduces the construction process.


Easy setting with direct teaching function

There is a direct teaching function that can teach the tightening point by directly moving the robot. It does not require complicated programming, can be operated intuitively, and is easy to set.

Improved productivity with Vision Position Correction Function

Equipped with a hole position shift correction function that prevents small shifts from being overlooked by the camera's correction function. Correct the position for each tightening point. Improve productivity.

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