Realizing a Zero-Carbon Society

Greenhouse gas emissions, considered a cause of warming temperatures, have been increasing yearly, impacting people’s lives and natural ecosystems. We recognize that reducing these greenhouse gases is a corporate responsibility.
We have positioned addressing climate change as one of our key management issues. We are reducing the environmental impact of our business activities and promoting initiatives to realize carbon neutrality.

CO2 emissions reduction target

To reduce CO2 emissions, we intend to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 35% by 2035.

2035 target 2050 target
Reduce CO2 emissions by 30%
Compared to FY2023 levels
Carbon neutral

Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions

Greenhouse gases emitted through business activities were as follows.

Scope 1

Scope 2

Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Reducing energy consumption by upgrading to LED lighting

We are gradually updating lighting equipment in our offices to LED lights. This contributes to reduced power consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste and is a more effective use of resources.

Reducing paper usage with the thorough promotion of Digital Transformation in our operations

We are trying to go paperless by changing all internal application forms, such as applications for approval and expense settlement forms, to digital applications and building a workflow system. Furthermore, we have installed monitors in meeting rooms and effectively use online meetings and chat functions to reduce paper materials for internal meetings.

Environmentally friendly product development

Since one of our products, the Nutrunner Press, is electric, it has a much lower environmental footprint than pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, thus enabling us to contribute to reduced environmental impact as users utilize less carbon. In addition, it not only reduces CO2 emissions but also does not generate oil mist, which is harmful to the global environment and workers' health.

Environmental, Social and Governance