Tracer Arm Tracer Arm

This assist arm eliminates the reaction force on the operator. The position detection system prevents mistakes such as skipped fasteners, wrong part tightening, and incorrect tightening procedures.


Feature 1 Incorrect Tightening Prevention

ESTIC's fastening tools have a sensor that detects its positioning to ensure pokayoke. Our systems indicate tightening position and order to prevent various errors such as non-tightening, incorrect tightening position or procedures.

Feature 2 Reduce Reaction Force and Operator Burden

The arm reduces operator burden by decreasing reaction force and tool weight. With an arm, high torque tightening requires less physical strain for the operator.

Feature 3 Location Responsive Lineup

Based on the installation location, the most favorable torque band can be selected including vertical and micro models.
Custom support is also available.

Tool Unit

Control Unit

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