Detect Tightening Failures and Ensure Repeatability with Handheld Nutrunner!

Handheld Nutrunner (Handy 2000 Lite plus)
Auto Parts Manufacturing


  • Torque Control by a transducerized tool
  • Detect Fastening Errors
  • Optimized Productivity

Before Using ESTIC

  • The customer was requested by its customer in the automotive industry to start using smart tools to ensure traceability. The customer considered to introduce Nutrunners.
  • The customers used old-school torque wrench with no traceability for their prototype production.
  • The customer wished to enhance the productivity and eliminate human errors for their mass production.


Prevent tightening errors with handheld Nutrunners monitoring torque and angle

  • All ESTIC tools come with the torque and angle monitor function to detect tightening failures.
  • There will be no variance in tightening quality unlike manual tightening by operators.

Customer's Notes

  • It was the first time for us to use sophisticated tools like ESTIC nutrunner. It was very helpful that the ESTIC representative kindly explained how to implement the system.

Designer's Notes

ESTIC Handheld Nutrunner enables quality tightening.

ESTIC Handheld Nutrunner has many functionality to realize the high quality tightening such as torque monitoring and error detection.
When old-school tools such as manual torque wrenches are used, the tightening quality depends on many variables such as operators' skill and joint conditions. With ESTIC Handheld Nutrunners, the tightening quality will be assured regardless of the operators' experience and skill levels.
I knew that it was the first time for our customer to use handheld nutrunner, so I provided detailed training on our products.

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