Accurate Loosening by Angle Control in Reverse

Handheld Nutrunner (Handy 2000 Lite plus)
Auto Parts Manufacturing


  • Angle control for loosening
  • Reduced reaction force by ESTIC Pulse Technology
  • Replace Impact Wrenches with DC Handheld Nutrunner

Before Using ESTIC

  • Application required to create gap by loosening a bolt.
  • After tightening by an impact wrench, the bolt was manually loosened by hand. Thus, the gap created by loosening was not consistent.
  • To make the gap consistent for the next process.


ESTIC Tool can Loosening Bolts with Angle Control

  • By using the reverse angle method, the bolt can be loosened at a certain angle to make the desired gap .
  • ESTIC PULSE technology reduced reaction force for operators.

Customer's Notes

  • ESTIC Handheld Nutrunner feels good. It has the same usability as the impact wrench we used before.
  • I am very satisfied with outcome that all gaps are constant.

Designer's Notes

Handheld Nutrunner can Perform not only Tightening but also Loosening Angle Control

In this case, the customer needed to loosen the screws to create a gap for the next process.
Estic DC Handheld tool is one of the few tightening tools that can control not only tightening but also loosening by angle control. We proposed using the reverse angle method to control the loosening angle. Since the pitch between screw threads is determined by the JIS standard, we could calculate back the loosening angle from the length of the bolt.
We programmed a series of tightening and loosening steps with the "multi-channel function". This eliminated the need for the operator to switch between tightening and loosening. Not only did it make their work easier, it also helped prevent operator error.
Before and after the customer purchased the system, we had multiple meetings and confirmed our solution worked as the customer wanted.

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