Message from our Leadership

Message from our Chairman

To Our Valued Customers and Shareholders,

In June of 2020 I transitioned from CEO of ESTIC Corporation to solely focusing on the Chairman's role. For the previous 27 years, it was my honor to serve as the day-to-day leader of this wonderful company. Now, as the Chairman, I am pleased to step away from the daily operations and instead focus on the long-term strategies of ESTIC Corporation.

While some of our challenges remain the same, others have quickly evolved only the past few years. For example, we are witnessing not only electrification of the automobile, but full electrification and error-proofing of the assembly line that manufactures these cars. Transducerized ESTIC electric nut-runners continue to replace pneumatic air tools at an ever-increasing rate. And just as electrified automobiles will reduce the global carbon footprint from the car, application of ESTIC electric torque tools helps our Customers reduce air tool energy loss, and therefore the carbon footprint, from their manufacturing plants.

And, of course, such new challenges are abundant. Industry 4.0 and manufacturing environments with fewer and fewer human operators are just a few examples of a manufacturing future we must prepare to lead. And I commit to you that ESTIC is prepared to do this.

It will be my honor to steer the ESTIC vision for many more years to come.

Hiroshi Suzuki, Chairman & CEO

Message from our President

To Our Valued Customers and Shareholders,

We are all privileged to live in this era of ever advancing technology. But with this privilege comes great responsibility. As the global leader of Assembly Technology, ESTIC fully understands the responsibility we have for our Customers and Society to provide ever improving assembly technology advancements. Indeed, globally leading technologies are fundamental to the ESTIC DNA.

But we do not stop there, as advanced technology needs a globally leading support team. And I am proud to say that the ESTIC global network is second to none. Our regional teams in Asia, the Americas, Europe and elsewhere are always there listen to and support the Voice of our Customer and meet their requirements, whether it be technical, field support and service, or overall commercial value proposition.

And finally, to our Shareholders, I assure you that ESTIC Corporation will provide value and return to you by simply providing our Customers with enterprise leading value and technology as described above.

It is my privilege to lead ESTIC Corporation in such exciting times. How can we support you?

Hirohide Suzuki, President & CEO