Environmental Management

We will appropriately reflect the trends and guidelines of various international assemblies and initiatives in our management and develop environmentally friendly businesses to promote efforts to address various global challenges related to the environment, especially climate change issues.

Environmental Policy

Based on our awareness that a healthy global environment is indispensable for corporate activities and the building of a sustainable society, we will fulfill our corporate responsibility to address climate change by working to reduce the environmental impact throughout the entire value chain following our Environmental Policy , to realize a sustainable society.

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    We work to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting reducing and limiting energy usage.
  2. Utilizing resources and energy effectively
    We promote renewable resources and strive to make effective use of resources.
  3. Achieving harmony with nature
    We promote the reduction of environmental impacts by considering the conservation of natural capital and biodiversity.
  4. Ensuring environmental compliance
    We will adhere to environment-related laws and regulations, international treaties, agreements we are a party to, etc.
  5. Providing environmentally friendly products and services
    We will strive to develop and proliferate environmentally friendly products.
  6. Promoting environmental conservation activities by all employees
    We will disseminate this Environmental Policy to all employees, promote educational activities, increase all employees’ understanding and awareness of biodiversity, and work to conduct independent conservation activities.

Environmental management promotion structure

At ESTIC, our President & CEO is responsible for environmental management, including environmental conservation issues. To continuously reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, we have established an Environmental Management Committee consisting of directors, division general managers, and general managers as a supervisory body to formulate policies and plans for environmental conservation, monitor their progress, approve them, and report to the Executive Management Meeting. The Environmental Management Committee will discuss and promote improvements to continuously implement environmental conservation activities.

Support for TCFD Recommendations

In August 2023, we endorsed the recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures). We will strengthen efforts to realize a zero-carbon society and take concrete measures to address climate change.

TCFD Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Environmental, Social and Governance