Handheld Nutrunner Corded Tools

A variety of accessories and options are available to use with ESTIC's handheld tools.


  • Cable adapter

  • Hanging fixture

  • Support handle

  • Switch lever

  • Protective cover

  • Controller mount

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Optional Products & Add-ons


Socket Tray

The socket tray is a unit that allows the operator to retrieve a socket and automatically select a corresponding program. This systems helps Improve work efficiency and prevent work errors.



NET I/O can be added to expand the number of inputs and outputs.
It is also possible to connect a stack light.
A dedicated cable is used so custom wiring is not necessary.


Handy 2000 Series Management Software

This is the dedicated support & management software for all Handy 2000 series controllers.Basic as well as advanced management functions of Handy 2000 models are supported :Read/write parameters, project data storage & management, tightening result & curve monitoring, I/O & Fieldbus signal assignment, and more. 


Data Logger

This is a dedicated software that automatically collects tightening data from various control units via Ethernet. Fastening data and torque graphs are recorded in sequential databases and displayed. This data can then be exported to an Excel file. Data analysis is easy with this centralized system.

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