Handheld Nutrunner Cordless Tools

A wide variety of accessories are available to make the ESTIC Cordless Tools more convenient.


  • Battery

  • Quick charger

  • Protective cover

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Optional Products & Add-ons


Socket Tray

The socket tray is a unit that allows the operator to retrieve a socket and automatically select a corresponding program. This systems helps Improve work efficiency and prevent work errors.


Handy 2000 Series Management Software

This is the dedicated support & management software for all Handy 2000 series controllers.Basic as well as advanced management functions of Handy 2000 models are supported :Read/write parameters, project data storage & management, tightening result & curve monitoring, I/O & Fieldbus signal assignment, and more. 


Data Logger

Data Logger is the dedicated traceability software for all Handy 2000 series controllers. Output data (tightening results & curves) can be safely stored
in a database and displayed. The saved tightening data can also be exported in Excel format for easier data analysis

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