Mar 22, 2024

The ASSEMBLY Show SOUTH Special Page

ESTIC America will be exhibiting at The ASSEMBLY Show SOUTH 2024 in South Nashville, USA from May 1-2, 2024.

[ESTIC Booth from the last exhibition]

What is The ASSEMBLY Show?

The ASSEMBLY Show is the place to connect and introduce products and services to a qualified audience of buyers and users of assembly equipment in manufacturing plants interested in the latest technological advances in custom automated assembly systems, robotics, pressing, and much more.
This will be our 6th time exhibiting.

Show Overview

[Show Name] The ASSEMBLY Show SOUTH
[Show Dates] May 1-2, 2024
[Show Location] Music City Center, 201 Rep. John Lewis Way South Nashville, USA
[Booth No.] Booth #951
[Official Website]

Product Line-ups

Handy 2000 Cordless Nutrunner Series


The ESTIC Handy cordless series has evolved. Not only can we still support and operate with Zigbee communication but we now support Wi-FI at either 2.4 or 5 GHz. The ability to adjust between the two frequencies will help to prevent interference in communication. The cordless series is the perfect solution to allow the operator to move in and out of tight spaces where a cable could be cumbersome.Expanded memory and improved communication performance enable smooth tightening work while maintaining high precision tightening quality even while communicating with the master interface unit and host PC. Tightening results can be saved in the tool's internal memory, greatly increasing mobility. Up to 10 tools can be connected to one master interface unit.

Automated screw tightening Hand Nutrunner for Collaborative Robots

handheld nutrunner with COBOT_1.jpg

This is a collaboration between Universal Robots' collaborative robot and ESTIC's hand nut runner (hand-held electric tightening machine). UR's suite of Collaborative robots and ESTIC's low reaction torque tooling enable compact automation while taking advantage of the features of hand nutrunners, such as detecting poor tightening and ensuring traceability.
ESTIC's low reaction tooling allows for higher fastening ranges without the need of excess torque reaction devices.

*ESTIC's hand nutrunner has been officially certified as an end effector compatible with Universal Robots' collaborative robots.

Handy 2000 Corded Nutrunner Series

handheld nutrunner_3.jpg

The hand nut runner is a handheld electric tightening machine with a built-in torque sensor that is ideal for tightening screws in important parts that require high precision. We record various data related to tightening and provide reliable traceability. In addition to torque management, angle management and time management are also possible, making it possible to detect various tightening defects.
Compatible with low reaction force pulse tightening and high precision direct tightening. At the exhibition hall, you can experience tightening by experiencing the difference in reaction force between pulse tightening and direct tightening.

Tightening position detection Micro Tracer arm + Micro Nutrunner


This system allows for set fastening pattern to be followed by an operator. It will not allow the Nut Runner to run unless you are on the correct bolt in the fastening order. This helps to confirm that all bolts are fastened and allows for new operators to be process ready without extensive training.
By using the "Tracer Arm", an arm with a position detection function, not only the weight of the tool but also the reaction force exerted on the operator can be reduced to zero.

Tabletop Screw Tightening Robot

This unit is the result of a successful collaboration between Janome's tabletop robot and ESTIC's single-axis driver. The unit offers precise control over pressing force and tightening torque, thanks to the integration of a force sensor-equipped servo actuator and the torque transducer-equipped servo nutrunner in ESTIC's single-axis driver.
This ensures high-quality tightening and traceability by preventing defects such as bolt-seizing, bolt-slipping (cam-out), and cross-threads. The force and torque can also be output as waveforms for easy debugging and advanced traceability.
By combining the tabletop robot's X-Y axis with ESTIC's single-axis driver, this unit offers a turnkey automation solution for small-fastener, low-torque applications with minimal effort and a shorter lead time.
Additionally, ESTIC's low-torque tool product has a rapid tightening speed, which contributes to cycle time reduction

Riv Nut Tightening Tool

ESTIC has developed an end of tool adapter that allows for pull riveting. Utilizing the same ESTIC software and programming, we can create a torque or angle strategy to clamp and pull rivets. Because we use the same software as the handheld nut runners, the rivet nut tool has the same traceability features. Using our Multi-channel setup, we can run the rivet in and back the tool out with one trigger pull, minimizing human error.

Servo Press Unit


This is a servo press workstation that utilizes ESTIC's electric servo press. With a built-in force sensor and encoder to monitor real-time force and position, the ESTIC servo press delivers high-precision pressing while being more efficient when compared to traditional hydraulic and pneumatic presses.
The ESTIC servo press system is designed to record and store pressing-related data internally, in the servo press controller, or externally, for example, in a PLC. This feature fosters dependable traceability, a critical aspect of any industrial or manufacturing process.
The workstation incorporates the servo press system, press frame, an electrical panel, safety interlocks, a base stand, and a pre-programmed HMI. These features work together to deliver a seamless plug-and-play experience that is both easy to use and reliable.

Contact Us

In addition to the variety of products displayed in ESTIC's booth, we are capable of designing and creating a customized solution to fit your fastening or pressing needs. If you would like to request a free onsite demonstration, please contact us.