No more Tightening Failures for Small Screws

Micro Tools ( Handy 2000 Micro )
Electrical Industry


  • Prevent cross-thread
  • Prevent rehit
  • Micro torque tightening

Before Using ESTIC

  • The customer used electric screwdriver but had quality issues caused by cross-thread and rehit.
  • With limited budget, the customer wanted to benchmark ESTIC tools with the existing screwdriver.
  • The customer wanted to prevent quality issues caused by cross-thread and rehit.
  • The customer wanted to enhance the tightening quality.


Solved the problems with the functions available with ESTIC Handheld Nutrunner!

  • ESTIC Handheld Nutrunners can detect various tightening failures including cross-thread and rehit with the torque transducer and resolver encoder.
  • The customer was able to prevent quality issues caused by tightening failures such as cross-thread and rehit.

Customer's Notes

  • ESTIC Handheld Nutrunner was more expensive than the electric screwdrivers. However, now we feel that ESTIC Handheld Nutrunner system brings us maximum benefits for what we have paid and it makes their products very reasonable.

Designer's Notes

The customer was satisfied with the high quality function to catch every tightening failure

I was glad that the customer chose us by prioritizing the total cost of ownership over minimizing the initial cost to purchase the system. ESTIC Handheld Nutrunners can not only prevent defective products but also enhance the quality of finished products.
When it comes to micro torque tightening, there is a high chance for overlooking tightening failures because it is hard to be found due to the size of the bolts and parts. Thus, it is highly important to detect tightening errors by the smart Nutrunners.
By listening to the customer's voice and solving the problems, we were able to qualify the lead from a customer in an industry where Nutrunners are not yet so widely used.

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