Cross-thread Prevention for Self-tapping Screws

Micro Tools ( Handy 2000 Micro )
Auto Parts Manufacturing


  • Torque Control with transducerized micro tool
  • Prevent cross-thread
  • Micro torque tightening

Before Using ESTIC

  • Cross-thread frequently happened in the process of manufacturing small components for door interior.
  • Detect and prevent cross-threading.
  • Accurate torque control to ensure the product quality.


No more cross-thread! Problem solved by the cross-thread detecting function!

  • All ESTIC DC Tools are capable of detecting defective tightening with torque and angle control.
  • Solution for various fastening failures.

Customer's Notes

  • It was the first time for us to implement high-class DC Nutrunners like ESTIC. The ESTIC sales person was very knowledgeable about tightening and provided high-quality product training for us.
  • We were impressed to receive 10 torque tool systems in a very short lead time.
  • We will certainly consider ESTIC for the other applications in the future.

Designer's Notes

Reliable solution for the cross-thread of self-tapping screws

It is critical for our customers to have sophisticated torque control system like ESTIC handheld tools for their self-tapping applications. Especially for small screw tightening, it is usually difficult to detect fastening failures by visual inspection.
ESTIC DC Nutrunner series offer the various functions to detect tightening failures with the torque and angle monitor so that our customers can prevent fastening failures.
The self-tapping monitor is a very useful feature built in ESTIC Nutrunners.

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