Mar 07, 2022

ESTIC's Nutrunner is a certified peripheral by UR + (plus) product.

ESTIC's Nutrunner is a certified peripheral by Universal Robots "UR + (plus)" product.
UR + is a group of peripheral devices validated for compatibility with UR cobots.

Combining UR's Cobot with low torque reaction technology, " ESTIC PULSE* ", Cobot tightening up to 140 N・m (103 ft・lbs) is now possible. Since Cobot does not require a safety fence to operate, space-saving and labor cost reduction can be achieved.


Wide Torque Range
 Applicable for tightinening process from 0.1N・m (0.88 in・lbs) to 140 N・m (103 ft・lbs)
Easy Robot Programming
 ESTIC URcaps enables users to program Cobot in minutes!
Customizable Tightening Strategies
 Tightening strategies such as Torque-Control, Angle Monitor, and Multi-Stage tightening.
 Detect defects such as missing parts, cross-thread, and re-hit.

Up to 250 Individual Torque Programs
 250 torque programs ready to be assigned to individual bolts allowing a highly customizable tightening recipe.
Torque Traceability
 Every tightening data such as torque, angle, and serial number can be output to an upper-level system to ensure
 100% traceability.

Bolt-feeder Compatible
 Integrate a 3rd party Bolt feeder into ESTIC High-Torque system using discrete IO and configured using URcaps.

* What is Pulse Tightening Technology, "ESTIC PULSE"?
ESTIC has acquired patented technology to reduce the reaction torque towards the operator during tightening/torqueing process. By capturing torque data every 1/2,000 second and controlling the next tightening force, a safe and highly accurate tightening is possible without needing a counter-reaction device. By using Estic pulse technology-equipped handheld tools, physical strain on the operator can be significantly reduced, improving ergonomics in a production line.

◆Electric Pulse-Driven Mode