Tightening Test and After-sales Follow-up Makes it Safe to Manufacture Automated Machine

Automated Machine
(Using servo nutrunner and cartesian robot)
Auto Parts Manufacturing


  • Automatic parts feeder
  • Avoid downtime in the process
  • After-sales supports

Before Using ESTIC

  • An automated machine was manufactured by the other nutrunner manufacturer.
  • Had troubles with temporary stops, but the manufacturer did not deal with it and the customer was dissatisfied.
  • The customer was looking for an automated assembly equipment manufacturer that could handle troubles and detailed custom requests.
  • To improve productivity with an automated machine that does not cause problems such as temporary stoppage during production.


After-sales support with detailed correspondences! Improvements of temporary stops!

  • ESTIC can respond quickly since we have a team with members dedicated to design, development and after-sales support.
  • Our sales staff can also provide technical support with speedy responses.
  • We are good at detailed support such as prior tightening test, customizing and after-sales support.

We made an automated machine with an automatic supply device (parts feeder).

Customer's Notes

  • First, we asked ESTIC to make a prototype. Since we were satisfied with their response, we officially requested the production of the actual line after that.
  • They have produced an automated machine with an automatic supply machine (parts feeder) for us.

Designer's Notes

Customer was satisfied with the response during prototype production.

Everytime we received a request from the customer during the line production, we asked our in-house design team to make improvements one by one. We believe the fact that we were able to clear the concerns that the customer had with their previous business partner led to this good impression.
What we made this time was an automated machine with an automatic feeder. It is said that troubles such as temporary stoppages are likely to occur with automatic feeders. Therefore, even the production starts after the delivery, responsive after-sales support is required.
We manufacture prototypes and take care of requests from small projects. We also accept pre-purchasing tests so please let us know even when you think it is a small problem.

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