Eliminate Redundant Tooling! Secure the Working Space for Operators!

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  • Use socket tray
  • Prevent human errors
  • Ensure traceability

Before Using ESTIC

  • Assemble small size engines.
  • Used non-ESTIC air tools to tighten 10 different joints with different target torque at a station.
  • Human error could easily happen as the operator needed to pick up the correct tool from 10 different tools for a joint.
  • There was also no way track back a mistake, which brings a question to the traceability.
  • The customer needed to establish the manufacturing system to eliminate human errs and ensure traceability.


  • With the combination of the cordless nutrunner and socket tray, we were able to eliminate 10 different tools previously used for production.
  • Socket tray can be daisy-chained up to three units to make sure the operator pick up a correct socket.
  • Tightening program is automatically switched based by picking up the sockets.
  • Now only one tool is required for the production. Torque control is controlled by the torque controller. In addition, the socket tray will indicate the process so there is no concern that operators would make mistake in the sequence of the job.
  • Plus, all the tightening results are stored in the torque controller, which ensures the traceability.
  • By eliminating the other tools, the customer was able to secure the working space and enhance the safety of the working environment.

What is Socket Tray?

Select socket function with socket tray

Customer's Notes

  • ESTIC offers socket trays with 4 and 8 pockets. Up to 3 socket trays can be daisy-chained.
  • With the ESTIC tool system, the workload was significantly reduced.
  • We used to grab different tools for every single bolt and repeat to do it, which required hundreds of times to move arms and shoulders up and down.
  • With the combination of the cordless nutrunner and socket tray, we do not have to change the tools anymore but just need to exchange the sockets. It reduces our worked load a lot.
  • The old air tools took much longer to tighten a bolt compared to ESTIC tools. ESTIC tools can be programmed to joint-by-joint and contribute to reducing the cycle time.
  • We used to send one of 10 tools for maintenance and needed to have a backup tool. It cost us additional budget.
  • We also needed to manage the backup tools due to the long lead time for the repair.
  • The asset management got much easier as we only need to care about the sockets. The implementation of ESTIC system saved a lot of time and costs in our operation.
  • Socket tray helped to eliminate human errors.

Designer's Notes

We were able to offer a solution to eliminate redundant tools to reduce running cost including maintenance costs.

Any customers with high production rate are usually too busy to consider the optimization and cost reduction. Thus, they spend large budget for backup tools and maintenance fee. In this case, customers enjoyed a lot of benefits to reduce maintenance fee and risk in the working space. Our solution was welcome by both operators and manufacturing engineers.

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